Tired: A Poem (Part 1)

I am tired of having to fight everyday. I am tired of being bombarded with images that I cannot identify with. I am tired of the word fat being thrown around as an insult. I am tired of the pressure to lose weight, from myself, the media, the trolls. I am tired of the fake […]

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Under Pressure

I am approaching my 27th birthday. I have a job which I have been in for over 4 years and that pays very well. I have a lovely boyfriend, we are living together and very happy. I have some great friends and awesome family who support me through anything. I am relatively healthy and have […]

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Is losing weight a crime?

Now is the time of year we are being bombarded with messages of losing weight, resolutions of getting skinny in time for summer and whatever other crap the media thinks we should do. My news feed is full of people returning to ‘normal food’, getting their gym routine back or setting goals to loose however […]

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Happy Birthday Blog!

It has been a whole year since a friend suggested that I start a blog and I am quite proud that I have carried on all throughout the year rather than it being another victim of the new years curse. I have a couple of final thoughts that I would like to share that wouldn’t […]

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Apologies: Sorry!

‘I’m sorry but I am going to have…’ ‘I will finish this off… I’m sorry…’ ‘Sorry but I want to eat…’ These are sentences I say on a regular basis when it concerns food. I am constantly apologising to my boyfriend when I get a bag of crisps out the cupboard or need a little […]

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Definition of Me

I haven’t written a post in a while as I have been really struggling to keep positive.  I have gained weight, gone up dress sizes and am trying to come to terms with my new shape. I have bits that I didn’t have before and have less and less clothes that I can fit into. […]

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