Ch ch ch changes…

So I tried to paint my nails today… and failed miserably! I didn’t wait long enough between coats and ended up with wet underneath dry which is fun for poking around but not much else. I just wanted a change. Now I’m thinking about hair colours… tattoos… piercing… anything to make a change. But then […]

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Holiday blues

Tomorrow we go home from our little seaside haven and holiday blues has well and truly set in. The phase back to reality comes to mind but this is where I’m having trouble. I don’t know what reality I’m supposed to be going back to as I’m struggling to find one. Since April I’ve not […]

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Being hard to love

Sometimes it feels like you are too hard to love. Like there’s too many things wrong with you, you have too many issues for someone else to want to deal with in order to be with you. The things that people say really stick with you, whether it be ex’s or friends or family members […]

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I have anxiety.

Ok so this post isn’t about body positivity or being fat or things I usually write about. This is about mental health. This is about admitting and putting it out there that I have issues with anxiety. This is about getting things out of my head so I can sleep. Anxiety isn’t the same for […]

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Simple Things

Am I inadequate because I haven’t done many things in my life? I’m only 28 but these dating apps plus social media’s ‘highlight reels’ seem to be full of people in exotic places with a monkey on their shoulder or on the top of mountains. I haven’t met a monkey (I’ve had my finger held […]

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Real Life Love Island

As a single girl, I decided (after being inspired by the wonderful Hayley at curvesncurlsuk) that it might be nice to chat to some people online and so downloaded an app that lets you do that. I was very clear about who I was and thought it was important to show my size so people […]

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